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A Federated and Secure Data Infrastructure

Innovation through digital sovereignty – that’s the goal of Gaia-X. We achieve this by establishing an ecosystem in which data is made available, collated and shared in a trustworthy environment. The users always retain sovereignty over their data. So, what emerges is not a cloud, but a federated system that links many cloud services providers and users together.


Gaia-X Milestones

2019 – today
  • October 2019
    The German and French Ministries of Economic Affairs present the project Gaia-X
  • June 2020
    First expert forum and Ministers talk
  • September 2020
    Gaia-X Association submits founding documents
  • November 2020
    Gaia-X Summit with more than 5000 participants
  • November 2020
    Official founding of the first six Gaia-X Hubs
  • January 2021
    Official founding of the Gaia-X Association
  • June 2021
    First General Assembly and election of the first Board of Directors
  • September 2021
    Concept Gaia-X label
  • November 2021
    Gaia-X Core Services V1
  • November 2021
    Second Gaia-X Summit
  • January 2022
    Federation Services alpha version
  • April 2022
    Federation Services V1

How does Gaia-X work?

The ecosystem consists of three architectural layers that are interconnected: The data ecosystem, the infrastructure ecosystem, and the federation services.

The data ecosystem fosters networked spaces based on agreed rules. Data and service offerings can be shared transparently and across industry sectors. This promotes the creation of new intelligent services, which include e.g. artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things or Big Data applications.

In the infrastructure ecosystem, the offerings from different providers are interoperable and interconnected. Providers can collaborate with each other to link their offerings, develop them further and expand them. This is how new user-friendly services are created.

The Gaia-X Federation Services are cornerstones for enabling and implementing the envisaged federated ecosystem of GAIA-X. In this sense, the federation services within the GAIA-X ecosystem will also be created as open source.

They follow the principles of Security by Design and Privacy by Design. We therefore guarantee the highest security requirements and the protection of privacy. User groups can also organise themselves as part of GAIA-X, provided they comply with the appropriate rules. We are in constant dialogue with users to check user-friendliness.

Furthermore, common rules (Policies and Rules) and guidelines for the consistent use of standards (Architecture of Standards) form the basis of the system. Companies that do not adhere to the common rules of the project cannot become part of the ecosystem.

With this ecosystem, Gaia-X drives value, business cases and innovation towards different target groups, including consumers, providers and facilitators such as industry, the public sector or academia.

Core elements of Gaia-X

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Federation Services

The Federation Services define the technical requirements and services necessary to operate the federated Gaia-X ecosystem. They ensure the highest possible security requirements and privacy protection.

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