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In the future, Gaia-X will enable access to a product and service portfolio from various cloud providers. Transparency about the products and services offered has top priority. This way, every user can choose the solution that best suits his or her needs.

The user side forms the cornerstone of the development of Gaia-X and the evolution of data spaces. In Gaia-X, users retain sovereignty over their data. This means that every user and every company can decide where their data is stored, who can process it and for what purpose. They can also access data pools and AI applications via the data infrastructure. Data can be exchanged across companies, linked with other data, processed, and used to create value. This promotes innovation, allows for synergies to be used and new business models developed.
Various use cases from different industries submitted in the Gaia-X Hubs demonstrate the advantages of a data infrastructure. The goal of the Gaia-X Hubs is to continually identify, develop and implement new use cases, showing the need as well as the added value of the sovereign data infrastructure. In addition, use cases help to identify sector-specific and cross-sectoral requirements. These are then incorporated into the development of Gaia-X.

Cross-site, cross-supply chain and cross-lifecycle data integration for smart services.
Experimental Coordination Platform for Research, Development and Open Innovation / Crowd Sourcing / Crowd Monitoring / Crowd Funding.
System for Automated Certification of Renewable Energy and Management of Certificates.
Data Spaces for the Statutory Health Insurance Companies for Data Analysis.
Legal, functional and technical solution to achieve true supply chain transparency.
The Phoenix offers a flexible, secure, and sovereign solution for the web-based digital workplace in public administration based on open source software to guarantee (…)
Automatic Generation and Update of 3D Surfaces and Objects using Artificial Intelligence.
A digitally interconnected production ecosystem for data-driven and sustainable value creation.
AI-based solution for optimizing the energy efficiency and consumption of electric vehicles.
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