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Gaia-X Podcast - Call for Bookings and ideas

Gaia-X accelerates its adoption phase – year 2

  • Book your slot today
  • Q&A based leading to a discussion
  • Duration of 30 minutes


  • CEO Series: 30 minutes with the CEO
  • CTO Series: Coding with the CTO
  • GXFS Series
  • The Business Impact of Gaia-X
  • The Social Impact of Gaia-X
  • The Lighthouse Series
  • The Hub Series
  • The Committee Series
  • Health Data Space Series
  • Mobility Data Space Series
  • Manufacturing Data Space Series
  • Agri Data Space Series

And many more…

Be a frontrunner and send your ideas today. Brainstorm with the Gaia-X Comms team 1-1. Be part of the Gaia-X Podcast Series.