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Gaia-X Magazine - Call for articles!

Gaia-X moves into the adoption phase and accelerating its development and delivery


Submit your article


You can submit the following types of articles; News Article, Opinionated Piece, Policy or Governance take, Motivational speech, Tech angle, Interview, Funny story, Member or Hub Story, Thought pieces, Best practice articles, Case studies, New approaches, Technologies and techniques, Research reports, Legal and regulatory updates, and other contributions written by practitioners. 

Thematic topics

  • Gaia-X business stories to explain the value/need/impact/etc.
  • The lighthouse project impact and reflection
  • What’s in it for me – personal or professional testimonial talking about the benefits surrounding membership
  • Country stories from Hubs or Members to deliver an international flair
  • Gaia-X explained in top dummy steps
  • The Geeks Corner showing the technical perspective
  • Gaia-X opportunities – important funding calls and engagement of consortia
  • The policy and regulation corner discussing EU institutional directives, including their business impact and implications
  • Humorous stories, aligned with graphics and animation


Please use sources and references where necessary. 

Number of pages

6000 – 8000 words


No promotional items will be accepted. 

Article Submission deadline

21 April 2022

Deadline extended until 29 April