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Communication Material

  • Gaia-X Communication Briefing - Guidelines on how to communicate about Gaia-X.

  • About Gaia-X Association:

    Gaia-X Association, established in June 2021, is a digital ecosystem self-regulated by its members. The initiative works to create an environment in which data can be shared and stored under the control of data owners and users with respected rules that create unprecedented opportunities for innovative, data-driven business models, and scalable growth. To learn more, click here.

  • Gaia-X Hubs - Join a thriving network across Europe

  • Gaia-X Committees – Taking the project forward together
    Which Gaia-X Committees exist?

  • Gaia-X Design Guidelines - The Design Guidelines ensure visual consistency across print and digital material.

  • Gaia-X Hubs Online Styleguide - This style guide is intended to help the hub teams to design their websites in the corporate design of Gaia-X, but still individually. It contains useful information on the use of fonts, colours, photos and the logo.