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Who can join Gaia-X?

"With Gaia-X, I support a project that establishes core European values in data sharing on cloud platforms. This standard for cloud and data sovereignty should be applied worldwide. In perspective, it will be used by every cloud platform in ten years."
Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, Board of Directors Gaia-X Association, Fraunhofer ISST und TU Dortmund 
Boris Otto
Luc Jarry Lacombe
Sabine Wilfling
Juan Giron

We are looking for both users and providers to participate in the project. The success of Gaia-X depends largely on user-driven demand and the definition of users’ requirements. We are also looking for companies and organisations from different industries representing the user perspective. The contributions of technological companies, including providers, is key to the development of the technical concept.

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Why should you join?


to a pioneering project that will establish digital sovereignty for Europe.


how data will be stored, shared, and used in future.


new data-driven business models and data spaces.


ties to the expert communities in your industry.

Ways to join

200+ members


The Gaia-X Association is a non-profit organisation that represents all of its members and promotes international cooperation. Its objective is to create a common foundation for data ecosystems for users and providers across all industries.

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15 Hubs


The Gaia-X Hubs act as the voices of user ecosystems on the national level. Their main objectives are to develop ecosystems, to bundle national initiatives, and to provide a central point of contact to interested parties in their respective countries.

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6+ Work Packages


The Gaia-X Community comprises the entire Gaia-X network. Users and providers collaborate on open-source work packages. Everyone is welcome to join the Community and contribute to the establishment of a federated data infrastructure.

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