What is Gaia-X?

Gaia-X represents the next generation of data infrastructure: an open, transparent and secure digital ecosystem, where data and services can be made available, collated and shared in an environment of trust. 

How does Gaia-X work?

The architecture of Gaia-X is based on the principle of decentralisation. Gaia-X is the result of a multitude of individual platforms that all follow a common standard – the Gaia-X standard. Together, we are developing a data infrastructure based on the values of openness, transparency, and trust. So, what emerges is not a cloud, but a networked system that links many cloud services providers together.

What is Gaia-X

Who is behind Gaia-X?

Representatives from business, politics, and science from Europe and around the globe are working together, hand in hand, to create a federated and secure data infrastructure. Companies and citizens will collate and share data – in such a way that they keep control over them. They should decide what happens to their data, where it is stored, and always retain data sovereignty.

We are looking for a “Program Manager – Opensource Community” to help us structure and streamline the technical community and opensource development processes that are key to the Gaia-X value proposition.

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The Membership & Operations Assistant/Officer facilitates the operation of the Gaia-X office, takes care of the mail management and the service requests and s/he supports for a smoother communication flow. S/he will be responsible for efficiently providing membership administration and support services to members. S/he will be working with the Community & Funding Manager and the CFO.

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Gaia-X has what it takes to drive innovations across Europe, be it for SMEs or Global Conglomerates

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"It is great to be involved in such a unique initiative that will change the way we handle our data fundamentally. The Federation Services, as foundation of the federated data infrastructure, will enable us to connect in an interoperable and legally compliant way."

Emma Wehrwein, Gaia-X Federation Services, eco e.V.
Lars Albaeck
Harald Summa
Maximilian Ahrens
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